Business Contingency Preparedness

About W.D. Koempel

W.D. Koempel

W.D. Koempel is a certified BCP professional who, since 1994, has worked exclusively in the area of contingency planning by developing, validating and implementing appropriate service level agreements, and performing contingency planning analysis, development, implementation, validation and maintenance plans and procedures. His experience includes the system manager for small, medium and large computer systems, data center technical support teams manager, managing hardware configuration planning, evaluation, acquisition and implementation, and the evaluation of customer staffing, technology and workplace requirements.

The primary focus of Business Contingency Preparedness is to insure business and individual continuity and preparedness through analysis, mitigation, planning and training in addition to appropriate supporting policy, contracts and service level agreements..

Mr. Koempel is an active member of the Association of Contingency Planners, South Texas (Houston) and Capital of Texas (Austin) Chapters and a supporting member of area disaster services organizations. During 1998 and 1999, he was a member of the American Petroleum Institute Y2K committee which developed methodologies and guidelines for API member Y2K contingency planning. W. D. is a speaker and promoter for disaster mitigation and preparedness at conferences and to small businesses and non-profit organizations on request.

Mr. Koempel is a resident of the Houston, Texas area, has an Associate Engineering degree in Electronics from Southern Technical Institute in Marietta, Georgia and a BS in Math and Computer Science from the University of Houston.

As the primary consultant for Business Contingency Preparedness, he will work with you and your staff to maximize the preparedness of your organization through effective contingency planning.

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