Business Contingency Preparedness

Individual Preparedness Plan Checklist

A critical component of every Business Continuity Plan is the staff of individuals who manage and perform the critical processes that insure continuity. Individuals who are not available or can not focus on the task at hand during a disaster will impact the success of the required business continuity and the recovery. There is no guarantee that individuals will be completely prepared if they have the items in the Individual Preparedness checklist below. They can be assured that without most of the listed items, they will not be prepared. The following list provides an overview of some items to consider when preparing your personal and/or your family's contingency plan.

  • Complete CPR and First Aid training.
  • Document details of key contacts and a plan for communication:
    • Names
    • Full address including zip code
    • Phone numbers 10-digit (Home, work, cell, pager)
    • Communications Schedule Plan
    • Emergency contact names with relationship
  • Develop and document a Re-location Plan:
    • Maps, including primary and alternate route(s)
    • Hotel list with contact numbers
    • Meeting places
  • Reserve and list cash, credit cards, traveler checks, bank checks, etc.
  • Insure needed medical:
    • Prescription and non-prescription medicine
    • Doctor contact information
    • First Aid kit
    • Personal Data (Blood type, allergies, etc.)
    • DNA chart or material (hair, etc.)
  • Have personal and family documentation:
    • Identification
      • Drivers License
      • Pictures
      • Social Security Number
      • Auto information (license tag, make, model, color, etc.)
    • Critical documents (Birth Certificate, Will, etc.)
    • Checklists
    • The Emergency Plan
    • Current photos
    • First Aid instruction book
  • Insure transportation preparedness (Gasoline, flares, flashlight, registration, insurance, etc.)
  • Store and refresh water, food, vitamins, etc.
  • Check your tool kit including shovel, pliers, screwdriver, tape, etc.
  • Pack clothing, bedding, toys, etc.
  • Bring telephone items (analog and cord, cellular with charger and extra battery)
  • Prepare camping supplies (tent, sleeping bag, stove, compass, whistle, water purifier etc.)
  • Have pet requirements (leash, food, tags, medicine, run pen, etc.)

The completeness of your Plan and your communication of it with those covered by the Plan, will impact  your preparedness and ability to  survive. To insure your Plan's completeness is an ongoing process of communication, training, and awareness. Never ASSUME. Individual Preparedness is a responsibility, not an option. Let us know what comments you may have on this checklist and if we can list your comments on our website for others to consider.