Business Contingency Preparedness

Plan Resiliency Checklist

Eliminating single-points-of-failure greatly increase the probably of continuity. Flexibility can make the difference between maintaining continuity and disaster. Resiliency really counts throughout your Continuity Plan including the emergency response, risk mitigation and recovery programs. Include the following checklist in your resiliency considerations to insure continuity.

  • The operations center is geographically diverse.
  • The back-up and recovery site(s) are outside the current operational area.
  • Staffing back-up and/or cross training is enforced and tested.
  • Applications and other resources for critical processes are “location flexible.”
  • Business Continuity Plans are current and validated regularly.
  • Metrics and a reporting review responsibility are in place for all Plans and Agreements (contracts, Service Level Agreements (SLA's), etc.).
  • Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO) are a measured Plan exercise verification objective.

We are interested in your feedback on this checklist for Plan “Resiliency.” Let us know how you are insuring your required Business Continuity and Preparedness and if we can publish your comments on our website.