Business Contingency Preparedness

Plan Completeness Checklist

The completeness of your Plan and its support of critical business functions and processes will determine your ability to meet staff, customer and vendor requirements. To insure completeness is an ongoing process of communication, training, and awareness. Never ASSUME. Contingency Preparedness is a responsibility, not an option. You must know what is acceptable and what is not and insure all staff, internal and external, meet the required objectives. Minimize continuity omissions by including the following checklist:

  • There is a Plan support cover letter authored by the highest possible Executive level person responsible for insuring the Business Continuity Policy Certification Compliance Policy is enforced. The preferred author is the Board Chair, President, CEO, or CFO with additional enforcement by a letter from each affiliate or departmental Chief Executive.
  • There are Plans supporting the minimum key areas of:
    • Emergency Response
    • Technology and Tools
    • Workplace
    • User Operational Procedures
    • Staffing
    • Media and Communications Interface
  • The Plan is an enterprise-wide integrated and coordinated Plan.
  • Plans are developed, implemented and validated following thorough risk assessment, impact analyses, strategy analysis and critical business process support requirements and flow analysis on a regular basis.
  • Integration exists between the Process Development Process, Change Control, the Audit Process, Service Level Agreement (SLA) and contract negotiations, and all daily operational procedures and activities.
  • Plans are documented for the level of the responsible implementer and the skills required are clearly defined.
  • All interfaces, assumptions, depedencies, requirements and details are clearly documented. Voluminous details of procedures, contact lists, etc. are only referenced but are audited and validated on a regular basis.
  • Confidential Plan information is not included in the general distribution process but is available through secure duplicate sources.
  • Key external suppliers and customer interfaces, roles and responsibilities are included in the Plan, as appropriate, and included in the validation process.
  • Executive Management and Crisis Management teams approve and participate in the Plan validation process.
  • The Plan and all associated documentation (electronic or physical) is secured, duplicated and dispersed geographically.

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