Business Contingency Preparedness

Policy Integration Checklist

Promises without progress do not meet preparedness requirements. Metrics for Policy compliance must be clearly defined, implemented and measured. The following policy integration items can help to insure the success of your Business Continuity Policy. Enforcing metrics of your Policy components will help clarify the Policy, can save resources and will insure that you meet continuity requirements.

  • The Change Control Process supports and includes the Business Continuity Plan (BCP) Policy objectives
  • The BCP Policy is included in the metrics for performance and compensation for all levels of individual and “groups” in clear and specific terms.
  • Each task in the BCP is assigned to a specific individual. On a regular basis the individual is required to certify (sign) that they are a) aware of the assigned responsibility and b) that the task procedures work as documented.
  • Specific metrics and penalties are included in all Service Level Agreements (SLA's) and contracts sufficient to insure Business Continuity, Preparedness and compliance of BCP policy.
  • Status of the “State of the BCP” program and Policy support is a regular agenda item for all executive, middle management and team meetings.
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery is incorporated into the business process development and operational procedures.
  • Business Continuity Plans are required and verified for key suppliers and customers
  • SLA's that support BCP objectives are implemented with key customers

How the Business Continuity Program is integrated into the fabric of your daily business and long-term strategy will affect your preparedness.

Let us know any comments you may have on this checklist, how you have integrated BCP into your organization and if we can include your comments on our website.