Business Contingency Preparedness

Policy Sample


[Company] is committed to its customers, employees, shareholders and suppliers. To insure the effective availability of essential products and services, [Company] provides this Business Continuity Planning policy in support of a comprehensive program for business continuity, disaster prevention and total business recovery.


Each department is responsible for current and comprehensive Business Continuity Planning (BCP). When implemented, the Plan should include those procedures and support agreements, which insure on-time availability and delivery of required products and services. Each Plan must be certified annually with the BCP policy compliance process through the BCP team.

Policy Leadership

[Executive] is the BCP executive management liaison for the BCP program. Resolution of issues in the development of or support for all Plans should first be coordinated with the BCP team and appropriate internal or external organizations. The "Business Continuity Planning - Policy Compliance Certification" documentation defines the issue resolution process.

Policy Compliance Certification

BCP compliance verification is provided by the BCP team. In order to meet compliance requirements, each Plan should include those appropriate procedures, staffing, tools and workplace planning requirements necessary to meet approved deliverable requirements. In order to support the Enterprise BCP Plan the format of the BCP documentation must follow the BCP team defined Plan template requirements. Detailed compliance certification requirements are provided through the BCP team and included in the "Business Continuity Planning - Policy Compliance Certification" document located at [link to network location].

BCP Plan Compliance Certification is required annually. A waiver for temporary compliance certification may be given if a detailed written waiver request issued by the department manager is approved by the BCP executive management team liaison. Maximum delay for compliance is one year.

Policy Compliance Certification Support

The BCP team is available to support the development and BCP policy compliance certification process. BCP team services and contact information is available at the BusinessContinuityPlanningTeam intranet link.

[Company] recognizes the importance of a comprehensive Business Continuity Planning Program to insure the safety, health and continued availability of employment of its employees and quality goods and services for those we serve. We require the commitment of each employee, department and vendor in support of the objectives required to protect [Company] assets, mission and survivability.