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Welcome to the BCP web presence. Here you will find information about our services, recent events, as well as general information about business continuity, disaster mitigation and related topics. If you are revisiting, you will find that we have updated our web presence to better serve our customers and visitors.

BCP understands the value of business preparedness and brings years of experience to your company preparedness process to assure that in the event of an interruption, your recovery will be on time and as expected. As you evaluate your Continuity and Recovery Plans, verify that your company meets the preparedness criteria of the 7 Questions of Company Preparedness. To measure additional details of your Business Continuity Plan and to validate your Plan preparedness, compare your continuity program to our Plan Checklists.

BCP Announcements

Jul 27, 2006

2006 ConSec Presentations

Join us at ConSec 2006 September 20-22 conference for a presentation and workshop. Speakers include nationally and internationally know session and keynote speakers. The ConSec programs this year include sessions on Business Continuity, Information Security and Audit. A Registration discount is available if registered before August 15th. Additionally, DRII will offer the BCP-501 Planning Review course and exam at a 10% discount immediately before the conference. BCP will be presenting and assisting with the BCP/DR Workshop.

Jul 17, 2006

DR vs. BCP vs. Post-event Hustle Plans

If you have continued to ignore the Plan Checklists and the Plan Completeness Checklist, consider the following:

IT Disaster Recovery ≠ Business Continuity Plan
Hurricane Plan ≠ Business Continuity Plan
Bird Flu Plan ≠ Business Continuity Plan

BCP can help.

May 31, 2006

2006 Hurricane Season begins June 1st

No excuses in 2006 after the 2005 hurricane season.
If you live, travel or work near the Gulf coast then Get Ready.
2006 could be a very active year as well.
The forecast at the end of May 2005 vs 2006 projections are:
14 vs 17 Named Storms
8 vs 9 Hurricanes
3 vs 5 Intense Hurricanes
8 vs 13 Intense Hurricane Days